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An interdisciplinary and applied subject approach to respond to problems in social and public policy in the areas of race, religion and politics

In searching for truth, be ready for the unexpected


Unbelieving Believers


How to Forgive:

Forgiving Others and Yourself

The Question of Evil COVER.jpg

The Question of Evil: 

A Practical Theodicy for

the 21st Century



After reading "Forgiveness, Repentance, Healing and Reconciliation"

, I was able to apply it to my own circumstances. It covers the topics concisely but touches on the pitfalls that we encounter in real life as we try to work through the processes of forgiveness, repentance, healing and reconciliation. I think this is a great book to touch people where they are in everyday circumstances. It is a short, easy to read and very comprehendable. It speaks to the most important thing, which is our relationship with God, the primary factor to engage in the process of forgiveness

The book "Forgiveness, Repentance, Healing and Reconciliation"was a concise read and addressed the different aspects of complete forgiveness! I highly recommend this if you are dealing with issues of forgiveness and healing! Review

"Unbelieving Believers" Is a great read, I have used this to teach new members classes. Great book that covers doctrines of the Christian faith! review

EssenceHaritos, review

In The Press



Richard A. Graves is an author, teacher, historian and theologian. Richard received his Bachelor of Science in Ministry and Leadership from Dallas Christian College and his Master of Arts in Religion – Biblical Studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Master of Arts in American History from Southern New Hampshire University. He is currently a PhD Candidate in Public Policy with a focus on Social Policy at Liberty University's Helms School of Government 


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News and Events

The Racial Politics of Forgiveness in American Society


Sunday: Oct 13, 2019
1pm - 3pm


Downers Grove Public Library
Conference Room “A”

1050 Curtiss St, Downers Grove, IL 60515

Join political scientist, historian and bible scholar, Richard Graves as we discuss the forgiveness that Blacks feel compelled to give when race is a factor in crimes committed against Blacks. Is it based on a higher spiritual love or a slavery mentality!

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