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The Cost of Crime: Part 1

This is written by my fellow corrections professional, Alphonso Norman. It lays out the cost of crime, a series that I intend to continue. He succinctly breaks the cost down.

You shoot someone. You go to jail. They go to the hospital. Here's a short list of SOME of the people that benefit financially from that single incident.

1. Paramedics 2. Responding officers 3. Detectives 4. Nurses 5. CNA's 6. House keepers at the hospital 7. Doctors 8. Lawyers 9. Judges 10. Correctional officers 11. Parole agents 12. All jail/prison staff (non security) 13. Mental health professionals 14. The people that cook the food at the hospital 15. The phone company that your family pays to talk to you while you're locked up. 16. The company that charges you $75 for an mp3 player that costs $10 at Family Dollar 17. The ramen noodle company 18. The gas station when your family drives hundreds of miles to visit you. 19. The company that charges you $300 for a 13" TV. 20. Court stenographer 21. Funeral home

Just to name a few.

The mistake is, you think you're getting money.

The reality is, you are the money. You're the currency that allows all of us to pay our bills and go on vacation to the Dominican Republic for no reason.

Wise up. Rise up. ~Zo

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