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Why DEFUNDING the Police is the Wrong Thing for the Black Community...

The reality behind "defund" the police: What we as Black people should want is true police reform. For the police to actually Serve and Protect our communities like everyone else's communities. For racial bias that leads to uneven and deadly outcomes for black people with police to stop. The only way that really happens, actually cost a whole lot more money. One, require police to be hired from within black communities much more often which requires a whole complete revisiting of the hiring process, To remove the racial biases implicit with in the hiring process. It requires a better Police Academy, again it has to be restructured from being just a military "wanna be boot camp" to an actually Public Safety, Public Service Officer training. Things like de-escalation, dealing with the mentally ill, being able to better read situations, and probably a good year of real field training when you don't even have a gun with an experienced field training officer needs to be implemented. 3 months in a correctional environment to learn how to deal with people with no weapons should be part of the academy as well. So a longer Academy, a better academy, cost more money. Then we have to deal with incentives to hire officers and rules to make these officers live or at least walk the beat in communities that they service so that they can get to know the community. Then of course it goes to what you have to pay people, because these officers should at least have a bachelor degree preferably a master degree in a social science in order to do this job. And preferably the master degrees in Social Work, sociology or psychology. And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

The defund the police crowd is the radical left who doesn't like the police or the military anyway. And regardless of how one may feel about either one of those two institutions, they are necessary. So instead of living in the Land of Make Believe where we're going to re-purpose money from an already underfunded Police Department, because that's the truth of the matter they are underfunded, that military equipment they get comes from surplus of the federal government and the military believe it or not. So in essence we are robbing an already broke Peter, to supposedly pay for a bankrupt Paul to get his stuff together. We're not going to get the actual Mental Health Services we really need to get or social services we will need to get for communities from this defund scheme.

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